Text flirting is a difficult but effective way to get the girl’s attention. Once you know how to write a girl you like, you will see that you can give her results that are more beneficial. One thing that you should understand from the beginning is that how often you are typing a text message, a girl can have a big impact on your reaction. It is so much in the frequency of your texts in the content of it. Pay attention will be interested in you and your unpredictable ways. At this point, it is understandable that you are eager to send a text and begin to establish your communication with His Secret Obsession Review it, but you have to handle the emotion. Many guys are too eager to point at a daughter who floods the girl’s inbox and end up being desperate.

You do not want to be perceived that way, since you can easily turn it off When it comes to responding to your messages, please respond immediately whenever you wish, but do not forget to shake from time to time. Adding a little variety to your response time will allow you to remain unpredictable and will keep you on your toes regarding your messages. When flirting text, leave your last text that is also important. Whenever possible, you should leave your conversation ending with sending the last text message. Of course, if you need an answer, you can answer. You do not want to be misunderstood as rude. But when you think you are about to reach the end of the conversation, you can run freely from an open end.

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This will leave the wonder and can be taken into account already. You can also try to beat your response time. Try to match the time it takes for her to respond, if not more. Nobody really thinks about it, but changing the response time will ensure you stay in control and be able to reinforce this attraction later. A girl who responds is a good sign that flirting text works to her advantage. If she responds, see it again, but send it the next day. Which allows some time, so it does not sound serious. He just thinks he has not yet sent it in the text and start a new conversation. In the worst case, despite repeated use, hurt and abandoned by a man, the woman has always expressed her willingness to wear it if she decided to do so. I am sure that this kind of despair about love and relationships is not exclusive to the women of China.

At the same time, one wonders what circumstances can make such behaviors common in this particular group of women. For Chinese women, some aspects of their culture and society play an important role in their tendency to behave in desperation. That does not mean that they are impotent and can not change their situation. However, some generalized attitudes towards women and marriage in their society often desperate byproduct unavoidable and, at the same time, be extremely difficult behavior. Women in China are facing a number of challenges in finding a partner. Most of these women have recently had the opportunity to enjoy personal freedoms and therefore have realized how far they can go in terms of education and professional achievement.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dating_in_the_Dark

Their drive for success means they have less time to socialize and carry on a serious relationship. At the same time, they are under constant pressure to find a man to marry, especially since the more they remain unmarried, the less their “marriage value” becomes lower. When they reach their 27th year, their marriage value is set and it becomes almost impossible to find a partner among the men of their culture. Obviously, this puts them in a desperate situation and to react with desperation. While for foreign men, age does not affect their suitability as a life partner, these women are considered more desirable; This, in turn, makes you afraid that you will not find someone who will always want to marry them. With their parents, intensifying their demands to resolve, these women often react to the simple need to relieve the pressure and to please their elders.